So Far So Good

Well we made it to Lydden for the first round of the British Rallycross Championship sponsored by Monster Energy.

It was a struggle and time was short, so thank you to everyone who lent a hand to get us there and to the team on the day. For Dave and Chris it was a really busy two days as a few teething problems developed.

A thank you to all those who pledged to our £45 sponsor scheme and put their names on the mighty xsara. We are still along way off in achieving our budget for the season. Basic costs like entries, tyres, fuel, transport and such come to over £11000 so you realise why we have to work hard to attract sponsorship money to do our sport.

On the day at Lydden we had a few problems and found later that a turbo issue meant that we were dramatically down on power probably giving away 150 bhp to other cars, so even finishing the event was a good achievement. The turbo is now in the hands of AET Motorsport who are giving it a full rebuild ready for our next race at Mallory Park, Leicestershire on 14 April.

The car in the mean time is getting spruced up and if all goes to plan will be attending Seaview performance garage, Peterlee on Sunday 7 April at one of their open days chance to see xsara meet mark and maybe donate to our sponsor scheme.

In the pink

After a meeting last night we are glad to announce that the Hog Roast Yorkshire company will be a prominent sponsor on the xsara for 2013.

Jim Slater the owner of  Hog Roast Yorkshire met with Mad Mark and Sarah Sharp, team manager of Mad Mark Motorsport at their base at Jersey Farm Hotel and a deal was struck to display his distinctive pink pig logo on the bonnet of the xsara for the whole season.

Jim's company do outside catering, bars, hog roasts along with many other services. The team will be seen at events with the Hog Roast for spectators and fans to sample.

Mad Mark Motorsport are grateful for the help and financial contribution and urge other companies to get their name on the car as space is limited.

Get Mad Mark back on track

Did you know… Jersey Farm has it's own racing team, with top rallycross driver Mad Mark.
Mad Mark Motorsport is based at Jersey Farm Hotel where they prepare and run the mighty 500bhp Citroen Xsara super car.

The car is famous and has been featured on TV on Fifth Gear doing a challenge. The 4wd car does 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds an astounding acceleration figure that is even quicker from a standing start than a Formula 1 car.

Mark with the help of the Jersey Farm Hotel has had quite a bit of success over the years. He has been 3 times British Open Rallycross Champion as well as Northern Ireland Champion, and awarded driver of the year twice. Sponsorship in the UK has become harder and harder to secure, and as the budget to run such a car at top level in Britain and Europe is quite high , sponsors are needed to help fund the races. As it has become harder to get corporate sponsors Mark has set up a scheme so that individuals, fans and supporters can help, for just £45, they will see their chosen name displayed on his xsara race car, get a fantastic souvenir t-shirt  and also be invited to a VIP day to meet the team, the car and the driver.

All the terms and conditions can be found on Mark's web or join his face book page. This must be the most cost effective way to get your name on a top flight racing car as well as get a popular driver back in the British Rallycross Championship.

A New Season 2013


There has been a lot of speculation as to the return of Mad Mark back to the British Rallycross Championship.

At the moment no decision has been made due to rising costs in the UK and a sponsor has yet to be found to fund the team.

Work will be carried out on the Citroen xsara supercar over the winter to make the car even more powerful in anticipation of a new season.

Sponsorship in the Uk is becoming increasingly difficult to locate, due to the economic climate we are in. However with such a stand out car and a different approach to publicity, Mad Mark Motorsport are guaranteed TV and press exposure.

It doesn't cost as much as you think to sponsor a motorsport team and many benefits can be gained from this form of publicity. A colour sponsor brochure is available and Mark is of course on hand to visit your organisation and run throught the benefits as well as talk numbers as a deal can be done.

Why not have a look through the pdf version of our sponsor brochure,  or if you have a contact you wish to pass on, then please email Mark direct. Many thanks.


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Wont be needIng this ! sorry to say we couldnt raise the budget required for this season so you wont be seeing us race - sad, truly sorry to all I let down try very hard in a very expensive sport but we will never give up !!! thank you to all who have helped us !! #Britishrx