Mark is already looking towards the 2018 season. Some impressive runs in 2017 mean that we are still very competitive and just lack the budget to compete at the very highest level. Throughout winter sponsors will be sort
to enable the team to do a full season and be at the top once again.
Our 2018 brochure is aailable to download below but we will discuss any sponsorship opportunities who you may have !

Sponsorship of a racing team can be a very rewarding and excellent advertising medium. Sponsoring a professional team that gets noticed can be useful for advertising all kinds of products and services as well as brands and companies. Mad Mark is currently sponsored by The Jersey Farm Hotel. They have noticed increased bookings from customers who have seen the racing team at events and on sky. Awareness of you company can come through decals and logos on the racing car, transporter, racing suits and team clothing. On handouts, press releases, Tv interviews, and promotional posters etc. Sponsorship can cost as little As £1000.00 and is always negotiable with Mark as to the level of involvement you would like to commit to Maybe you would like only your name portrayed on the car or maybe you would like the whole team in your colours and branding the sky is the limit email Mark straight away to discuss the possibilities.

The Team Supporting Mark at each event are a team of 3 mechanics and a diagnostics engineer. On going maintenance to engine and all mechanics Tony Bardy Motorsport. more…

Driver Marks long Motor sport career started in Autograss racing followed by Autocross and eventually moving to rallycross. Then to Group N Escort Cosworth, ˜Driver of the Year’ and ˜Croft Champion” and runner up Group N Overall champion. more…

Citroen Xsara T16 4WD Former 3 times French champions ex Paris/Dakar car. Fitted with a 2000 cc Turbo charged engine with develops in excess of 580 BHP, acceleration 0- 60 in a staggering 1.9 seconds. faster from standing start than a formula 1 car. Straight cut Sadev gearbox and transmission, computer controlled flat change, built for


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kit all sorted back in the safety car this weekend @croftcircuit for the brscc meeting #brscc #BritishRX #mendahose #madmark #rallycross #croftcircuit pic.twitter.com/p5GC7MPRe3